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As a driveway paving service company that offers excellent asphalt paving services to Charleston, North Charleston, and Summerville residents, SC Driveway Paving Charleston has successfully maintained business for 30 years, employing highly skilled paving technicians who provide our clients with the best driveway solutions. Specializing in asphalt paving for both commercial and residential clients, we can also pave your parking lot to offer extra protection from surrounding elements. Hence, whether you need assistance with driveway repair or maintenance, or if you want us to pave your parking lot, SC Driveway Paving Charleston has the proper solution. We offer free estimates on all types of paving services to allow our clients to decide which option best suits their pavement needs.

While our insured business is registered under the Charleston Home Improvement Commission, we also obtain worker’s compensation to protect our employees against any possible injuries that may occur while completing their job. Consequently, when you hire SC Driveway Paving Charleston to pave your parking lot or driveway, you can comfortably trust that the job is safe and hazard-free. We also offer services for asphalt crack filling and polishing in order to restore unsightly cracks on your asphalt surface, which further helps us maintain the aesthetics of your parking lot, while also protecting it from damage and deterioration. Call us for a free estimate when you are ready to pave your commercial or residential driveway or parking lot. Our professional technicians will help you make your driveway surface look astonishing, while also increasing the longevity of it’s functionality.


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